Semi Private Training Sessions.

Not seeing the benefits from classes? Still not able to lose body fat and get that extra inch off? Not quite sure if you are eating healthy? Need that extra support to achieve your results?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then the TPTS Semi private personal training program is for you.

Semi private personal training will give you all the perks of having a personal trainer. However, having the encouragement of being accountable not only to yourself but also within the community of others. The closed group community are with like-minded people that will give u the encouragement to achieving your goals due to the amount of support you will receive.

The program will give you to train up to 4 times a week, ranging from strength & conditioning, HIIT, focus on muscle groups, endurance workout etc, getting to learn new techniques correctly and safely.

We know Nutrition is the foundation for achieving your results so we will calculate and personalise your nutrition to your body type to get those results and still allow u to eat the foods you enjoy.

A bonus of being part of the group is we strive for the clients to strive towards challenges which encourages you to have fun too.

What the program includes: 

Minimum of 4 classes available for you to attend each week.
Classes arrange from strength & Conditioning, Hiit, Circuits, Tabata, endurance, core workouts etc.
Learn new techniques correctly and safely.
Be encouraged by like-minded people in the classes and the private Facebook community group.
Weekly challenges to help achieve your goals.
Monthly health & fitness assessments to keep on track with your progress towards your goals.
A personalized nutrition plan calculated to your body type and see Results.
Learn new recipes.
Plus having Fun and feel amazing about yourself.

Semi Private Personal Training