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It’s time to take charge and kick-start your motivation! Join our 6-week fat loss challenge and make change happen. 

You can achieve a lot in six weeks, and with our support, you’ll shape good fitness and nutrition habits that will stick.

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Check out what our 6-week fat loss sessions look like. If you want to make a small change to feel fitter and healthier, we’re waiting. Ready? Sign up below.

Enjoy the experience, change your lifestyle and be in with the chance to WIN over £500 worth of prizes!

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What to expect

We have helped hundreds of people to achieve the most incredible transformations, and we want to help you do the same!

We will be by your side to keep you focused and you’ll have like-minded people supporting you through your journey.

What’s included:

• Access to weekly live classes 

• Closed Facebook Community

• Accountability – Daily Progress Check-ins 

• Nutrition Guidance 

• Weekly Challenges

• Big Prizes to be Won

• PLUS you’ll see progression

This is not a short-term fix. This challenge is designed to create new habits, help you progress towards your goals and show what you’re really capable of doing!!

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What our customers say

TPTS 21 day challenge has been a real rollercoaster. From signing up blind then realising I have agreed to ten days no alcohol to appreciating hump day (the day of rest) more than ever! Darren’s contagious enthusiasm has pushed me to complete each workout and fulfil my steps (even if the last few had to be completed by doing laps of the kitchen).

I have loved the morning aches as it means I have pushed myself (even when no one was watching). I’m looking forward to stepping on the scales for a change! It’s been refreshing to see so many individuals in the group support and encourage one another along the way. I confess I may have watched Darren’s shower video more than once, but I think Suzanne’s was by far the funniest. Well done you amazing bunch #wegotthis


When I signed up for the challenge I didn’t think that I would be able to complete it. Day one was hard, and I thought I couldn’t get through, but the support and encouragement off the group has been amazing. I’ve enjoyed being pushed out of my comfort zone and doing things I would never have done before. I feel a lot more confident about exercising and have realised that I can do it.

Through the aching muscles and cold showers, I loved the experience. Huge thank you to Darren for setting this up and to everyone in the group for the support.

I’m not going to lie when I first saw this challenge I thought sod that no alcohol, I’m not giving that up for exercise no way, but I challenged myself and thought, “I can do this!” Signed up and even dreaded submitting it and what was in store for me but I’m glad I did. I’ve gained more energy, went out running (yes, running) something I hated before, and I might have gained a little muscle in my legs coz they were aching like no tomorrow.

I’ve had some lovely comments off people that have pushed me to carry on through the days. I dread the live workouts but after completing them I always feel better in myself even after the dreaded burpees. I am actually looking forward to going back to the gym and carrying this on to achieve the results I want to. Thanks Darren for the time you’ve put into us all and encouraged us all the way.

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We don’t promise miracle transformations in six weeks, but we can help transform the way you feel and ignite your motivation. Ready to see what your after will look like? Join us today.

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Making a change to your routine isn’t easy, but we’re here to help make it as simple as possible. If you’re fed up with not feeling good and you want some support, sign up today and see what you can achieve in six weeks.