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Our clients personal training results

Our clients personal training results matter to us. We love to hear from our clients as their results matter to us. At TPTS Fitness Club Swansea we get an email from time to time which makes what we do really count. This week i received an email from Kath one of our Personal Training clients. […]


Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy

Pre and Post Natal Exercise Benefits of exercise during pregnancy Over the years there has always been a debate led to ‘do I’ or ‘don’t I’ train when pregnant? Here is some information on the benefits of exercise during pregnancy. Many studies shows that exercise is safe for both mother and baby during pregnancy and […]


About our Gym Swansea

About our Gym Swansea – TPTS Fitness Club Here is all the need to know information regarding TPTS gym  Swansea TPTS Fitness Club personal training and gym Swansea will help you lose weight, increase muscle tone, and feel great! Being part of a gym and having a personal trainer will increase your success rate and […]

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TPTS fitness club and gym offers

TPTS Fitness Club and Gym Swansea September Offers We’re almost to the end of September and the autumn season is well and truly underway. The cool breeze is sweeping in, the leaves are turning that gorgeous golden colour, and we are transitioning into warmer clothes. That’s no reason to slack in the fitness department, though! […]


Small Changes, Big Results and Fitness

Small Changes, Big Results and Fitness Feeling great after that workout you have just done in the gym for the week being it the 3rd session for the week. However, not really seeing any changes to your appearance or don’t feel your fitness is increasing.  This Blog Small Changes, Big Results will help you along […]


Best Personal Training Swansea

BEST PERSONAL TRAINING SWANSEA Here’s 3 reasons why TPTS has the best personal training Swansea: These are just some reasons why our clients believe we provide the best personal training programs in Swansea. When it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals, there is many things you have to consider. The right diet plan, the […]


The ‘Little Black Dress’ 6 Week Challenge

The ‘Little Black Dress’ 6 Week Challenge! Sign up to TPTS Fitness Club Swansea’s Little Black Dress challenge and for every friend or family member you get to sign up too, you get £50 off the cost of your Little Black Dress challenge cost! There’s no limit to how many people you can refer. **Refer […]


The Truth About Hangovers

The Truth About Hangovers So we all love to go out but happens to our body during the Hangover. Here’s is the truth about hangovers We’ve all been there. The never ending dry mouth, The headache sent from hell, The sulking in one’s own self pity, Yes, it’s the all feared hangover. Considering the painful aftermath of binge […]


Place for supplements?

Is there a place for supplements? There is a place for supplements but need to be taken correctly Boost energy, lose weight, beat stress, improve performance, and reduce wrinkles! Do these phrases sound familiar? These are just a few of the promises found on the labels of vitamin and mineral supplements. But can vitamin and minerals […]