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TPTS Fitness Club and Gym Swansea September Offers


We’re almost to the end of September and the autumn season is well and truly underway. The cool breeze is sweeping in, the leaves are turning that gorgeous golden colour, and we are transitioning into warmer clothes. That’s no reason to slack in the fitness department, though!


Get your body ready for the holiday eats and dreaded weight gain by signing up to TPTS Fitness Club and Gym! We understand the struggle, my friend. That is why we have a September-exclusive offer just for you! Join us within the month of September and we’ll give you FREE joining fee plus our ULTIMATE STARTER KIT – you guessed it, also for FREE! The Ultimate Starter Kit includes: induction, health and fitness analysis, fitness plan, sweat towel, and water bottle – everything you need to get started on that fit bod.


They say the best way to do anything is with a friend – and we completely agree!

We want you and your mates to achieve the ultimate FRIENDSHIP GOALS. Get fit together here at TPTS Fitness Club & Gym, and enjoy the benefits!

What benefits, you may ask?

Personal Training gives you a precise fitness plan that is designed specifically for you. With your personality, body type, and personal goals in mind, the personal trainer customizes a fitness regime that will give you the exact results you want in the fastest way possible! Plus, you get your very own motivation coach. Here in TPTS, we have the BEST personal trainers around!


BUT not only will you get a motivated, customized training, you’ll get rewarded for it too!

REFER A FRIEND to our Personal Training program and you’ll GET £50 CASH!

Don’t miss this offer! Call that friend NOW!

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