The front doorway and entrance into TPTS Fitness Club Swansea. Board at side stating you can get fit for as little as £15 a month

About our Gym Swansea – TPTS Fitness Club

Here is all the need to know information regarding TPTS gym  Swansea

TPTS Fitness Club personal training and gym Swansea will help you lose weight, increase muscle tone, and feel great! Being part of a gym and having a personal trainer will increase your success rate and decrease your health risk, guaranteed! If you’re tired of feeling frustrated about not getting where you want to in your fitness journey, then TPTS gym Swansea if the place for you.

We have a range of training packages for everyone. We have one-on-one training is for people with busy schedules who prefer to work with focus and a specific time. Your personal trainer will work with you to plan your workout routine and schedule. Semi-private training are for people who want a little extra motivation from workout buddies. Working in a semi-private group has all the advantages of group training and none of the hassle of having too many people in once class that you can’t focus. Even if your fitness levels are at a different stage you, we can create programs to suite both.

We also offer postnatal training to help you bounce back to your pre-pregnancy health and fitness. We also have group classes and bootcamps to integrate fun into your exercise!

TPTS Fitness Club has state-of-the-art gymnasium equipment which is topped up every month when new equipment comes onto the market. None of those frustrating old machines here as we want to make it as easy and efficient as possible. Our professional team will give you advice, support, and encouragement to keep you going. We also provide a FREE health and fitness analysis when you start out with us. Get your sweat on using our free weights, and resistance machines,  fully air-conditioned, equipped with changing rooms and plenty of lockers, creating the perfect platform for your success. We also offer free car park for our clients.

This is why many regard us as one of the best gyms in Swansea. We offer you the best, deliver the best, so you can be your best!

We also set a monthly workout challenge for you to try to beat so if your not sure what to do, remember we are not one of your average gyms, check on the board for the workout challenge or ask our personal trainer and owner Darren for some assistance. Below is a video of one of our monthly challenges:

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