Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Over the years there has always been a debate led to ‘do I’ or ‘don’t I’ train when pregnant? Here is some information on the benefits of exercise during pregnancy.


Many studies shows that exercise is safe for both mother and baby during pregnancy and supports recommendations to begin or continue exercise in most pregnancies to gain the health benefits associated with such activities (Paisley et al, 2003).

Below are some of the benefits of exercise during Pregnancy:

Improved circulation, reduce swelling, reduced leg cramps, reduced material weight gain, reduced muscular discomfort, reduction in labour pain, easier and shorter labours, help maintain fitness, reduced risk of low back pain, improved body awareness.

During the course of Pregnancy, realistically don’t expect fitness levels to improve during the course, instead the expectant mother should work to maintain their baseline fitness to aid pregnancy outcomes.

So there you have it, the benefits of exercise during pregnancy is ‘to-do’, but working out in a safe way is vitally important. Pre Natal and Post Natal exercises is healthy for you and your baby.