TPTS 10 Day Online Challenge (Starts on the 22nd March)


We can finally see light at the end of this Lockdown and hopefully get back to normality.

However, not having the luxury of being able to exercise in your local gym, taking part in your local sport, taking part in our hobbies or not be able to visit your favourite places to see those amazing scenery!! 

Then the likely hoods we have fallen into some bad habits/behaviours over the last year and at TPTS Fitness Club we want to help you to get back into good habits, create new habits, get that Feel-Good Factor Back, Build back self-belief and re-start your motivation (In as little as 10 Days)!!

Let’s admit it…. Over the past year or so it didn’t make it easy to for us to keeping good healthy habits.

We did have more time to ourselves to sit and dwell things over….

But didn’t make it any easier to stay on track with our goals or stick to any routine!

Like how many times have we told ourselves yes as of Monday I will start that 30-day diet plan, get out of the house more or spend less time with technology?

But just because it didn’t work then, doesn’t mean you can’t turn things around.

In Fact. I’m focused and determined to help as many people as possible to get back on track with their healthy habits/routines, start building back their confidence and of course, to have some FUN!

In my 10 Day Challenge I’ll be right by your side supporting & helping you build…

-That feel-good smiling factor: directing you towards building healthy habits and getting fit! (Without feeling like a chore!)

-The confidence to making 2021 smash 2020 and making it your own year and start tackling your body transformation goals! Regardless of background, age and experience!)

-Renewed our determination and motivation to achieve your body transformation goals, alongside a community of like-minded people to keep you accountable and keep focus staying on-track!

But remember! This isn’t an intimidating ‘Bootcamp’ that’s going to demand hours of your time and leave you feeling exhausted at the end!

We’re just going to provide you the tools, advice and resources to help you step it up to the next level and shape up your healthy habits/routines.

….Giving you everything you need to get that those good habits back & create new ones in 2021.


Prizes Include:

  • Free entry in our 6 week online fat loss challenge (worth £149)
  • Fitness pack
  • Nike trainers
  • £50 amazon voucher

That’s RIGHT all this Worth over £300

To BOOK your FREE space on the 10 day challenge now, just click the link below and entering your details before it’s too late!


(P.S. Doors Close on the 20th March @ 7:00pm! Act NOW to avoid missing out!)