Drop a Dress Size with Fitness Classes Swansea

Fitness classes Swansea have shown to help you drop a dress size quickly and safely

You could drop a dress size using a Fitness Classes Swansea

Having fun and still being able to shed some extra weight is always an added advantage. At times, finding a reliable gym is normally an issue and may actually be demoralizing in the event that the trainers are not able to keep up with an individual and give one to one training sessions that a person may need.

However, this is not the case with TPTS Fitness Club as they offer some of the best fitness classes in Swansea. Having various services that will definitely ensure that an individual is able to get the best for their membership as well as having a very enjoyable experience. Listed below are some of the classes offered

See some of our best fitness classes Swansea.

Circuit Classes Swansea

These are classes that are aimed at help increase heart rate as well as strengthen muscles. You will move through 8-10 exercise stations easily in order to work on various muscle groups with very little to no rest between stations. You are able to do different exercises with regard to different stations for a period of 60 seconds.

We push you  to do at least 10-25 reps at each station which lasts between 30 sec to 3 minutes then move to the next station. This workout burns calories and makes it one of the most common fitness classes.

Barbell Body Burner

During this class, participants are able to combine uninterrupted cardiovascular activity with very light to moderate weight training. A standard two hand barbells with weight plates attached to both sides is normally used during weight training.

You will be guided through the exercises by a Darren who is considered one of the best personal trainers in Swansea. Darren is able to help the class keep up with the pace through verbal prompts. During the barbell classes, there is normally very few breaks due to the fact that there is need to maintain an elevated heart rate as well as maximize on the cardio benefits of the class.

Set up dumbbells used within the fitness classes Swansea at TPTS

Boot Camp Class Swansea

With regard to these fitness classes Swansea, the sessions are normally designed in a way to get your body moving and help with the kick-starting of metabolism. Once this has happened, your body will start burning off calories all through the day.

Having a well and customized space to actually help with the loss of calories, you will be able to push your body to the maximum through sit-ups, planks, short sprints, as well as tyre flips.

A group of clients from TPTS fitness club being instructed at boot camp fitness classes Swansea by Darren Wilce, Owner of the gym and personal training.


When it comes to Zumba, it’s actually more than a work out as it tends to be fun, energetic and is just a social dance party which makes you want more. The music is normally fast, contagious and upbeat hence why you can’t help but keep on moving.

In addition, Zumba is definitely amazing considering it is done in a group so it encourages people to bring along their friends to participate in the exercising routines. An average person tends to burn approximately 600-1000 calories within one of our Zumba classes.

The classes are normally well choreographed in order to make sure that the exercises go hand in hand with the pace of the music, energy while at the same time maximize on the burning of calories.

In conclusion, fitting into a dress is all about commitment and dedication. With the help of TPTS Fitness Club, then one is able to easily achieve this goal. For more information visit www.tptspersonaltraining.co.uk or call 01792776579.