A lady holding her knee in fitness gear

Fitness After Injury: The Dos And Dont's

Recovering and returning from an Injury There are few things worse than getting injured, especially when you’ve found a training flow. You have the momentum, you’re seeing results and then, usually from nowhere, an injury throws a spanner…
A man about to lift a large weights bar with 40kg on it

Burn Fat By Gaining Muscle

The two most desired goals by most people are to lose body fat and to increase muscle tone. While the right diet and a solid workout plan are going to put you on the path to success, far too many people focus solely on cardio when they could…
This is a woman preparing some fresh vegetables and salad

The Joy And Power Of Diet

We all know that eating right is important. That doesn’t necessarily mean we like doing it, though. When faced with the prospect of eating a slice of pizza or a chicken breast, you’re likely to always be tempted by the former. What countless…
A lady wearing her fitness clothing stretching on a hand rail. The lady is also wearing earphones.

How To Eat, Workout And Be Happy

How To Eat, Workout And Be Happy We all want to feel great. Although sometimes the thought of going to the gym or working out is too much to bear, when we actually find a form of exercise we like everything else in our lives starts to fit into…